What Are Acorns?

Acorn’s are the fruit

Acorns are the fruits or seeds of an oak tree and when planted they need protection and nurturing to grow, multiply and produce more seeds.

Acorn International Ministries takes every opportunity to sow, plant & water seeds to produce more fruit, as God makes them grow into strong, effective and victorious “oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor”. (Isaiah 61:3)


  • Living Faith International Church – “A place for you and your family”
  • Word Of Faith – “Building strong foundation on God’s word”
  • Seeds Of Faith – “Fruitful in the harvest field”
  • Acorn Indonesia – “Discover an extraordinary life”
  • Faith Media – “Connecting to the world”
  • Kobe Full Gospel Church – “A Church for you and your family to experience the next level”

The Heart of the Ministry