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Together we act. Together we impact.

Acorn Dream Centre Spain will operate as a multipurpose, multicultural facility, which will become an asset of Acorn International Ministries UK charity. Find out how to sow into and support this amazing venture by clicking the link!       

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World Reach

Reaching people around the world to help them discover an extraordinary life!

At Acorn International Ministries, we work alongside churches, orphanages, schools and other organisations all around the world. Our mission? To consistently help make a difference in people’s lives, spiritually, physically and socially. Working in unity with God, we are committed to helping people discover an extraordinary life within their communities and beyond!

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Raise the Roof

For £25 per month you can help a household to pay their rent. That means you could be changing the lives of up to 10 people every month!

Text RAISETHEROOF 20 to 70580 to donate £20

Feed the Need

For £30 per month you can ensure that we can reach homeless families with meals and drinks.

Text FEEDTHENEED 20 to 70580 to donate £20

Partnership Testimony

“I discovered that I could lift a huge weight off of a mother in the Philippines who was struggling to pay her rent. It was a choice between food or a roof. She had 3 children to care for on her own and was without family. I found out that her rent was only £25 per month! But then I realised that £25 is a lot of money there, probably the same as me worrying about paying £600 a month. I was only going to do it as a one off donation but after praying I realised I wanted to pay it for her every month. Now I know she doesn’t have to choose between food or a roof over her babies’ heads. And I’ve also noticed just how much God is blessing me even more with my own needs! And I didn’t do it for blessings! Yet God has blessed me for being a blessing!” Helen W.

The Backpack Project

Partnering with this project for £30 per month we can continually provide backpacks with hygiene products, first aid kits and nourishment for the homeless in the UK and other international outreaches.

Text BACKPACK 20 to 70450 to donate £20

Prayer Network

We know that prayer changes lives, nations and circumstances.

Pray for us. Pray for each other. Pray for the nations.

Mission Trips

Come and join us on a short or long term mission trip which play a vital role in the Body of Christ and will give you an opportunity to get hands-on experience and a real taste of missions.

Mission trips enable people to learn by serving under the direction of missionaries and pastors of local churches. They also provide the opportunity on how to communicate effectively in a cross-cultural environment and minister together as a team. Short and long-term missions can help churches to catch the vision of supporting practically, prayerfully and financially to expand the cause of world missions.

You can get involved by filling in our missions interest form below and we will quickly get back to you with more details of any vacancies and opportunities.

Acorn International Ministries is looking for professionals and non-professionals with field experience such as:

  • Doctors, Dentists and Nurses
  • Educators
  • Construction
  • Counsellors

Become an Acorn Church Partner Today!

Discover how your church can partner with Acorn International Ministries!

Deuteronomy 24:19

In this scripture God teaches us that it’s His will that we look after the “stranger, the fatherless, and the widow; that the Lord your God may bless you in all the work of your hands”.

What can you do to help?

  • Join the Acorn Prayer Network
  • Pray and consider if your church can financially partner with us
  • Send a church group on an overseas Acorn mission
  • Request an Acorn speaker to share with your congregation
  • Distribute our resources in your church

Become an Acorn Ambassador Today!

You may have heard the saying, ‘From little acorns mighty oaks grow’.

Becoming an Acorn Ambassador can help you grow exponentially as a leader and a representative of God, and for Acorn International! If you have an abundance of enthusiasm and a passion to share our vision and run with it, get in touch!

With guidance and help from our staff you will:-

  • Distribute Acorn resources in your local church

  • Discover if a Word of Faith Bible Training Centre can be set up in your area

  • Speak about Acorn in small groups and/or your church meetings

  • Encourage sponsored events, i.e., runs, walks, cake sales or anything unique that you can think of!


Word Of Faith Training Centre is for everyone who is searching and hungry for a deeper knowledge of Bible truths and in need of impartation to equip them to go into all the world to win, build & send. Many lives have been touched and changed forever by attending Word Of Faith Training Centre.